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« = RHS registration

This means the lily name has been registered with the International Lily Registry at time of printing. This is useful information for those entering their lilies in shows.

- Tetraploids have amazing strength and heavier substance to the petals, as a result of double the chromosome count.

DIVISION IX - Species Lily Bulbs

A number of species are listed for the more advanced lily enthusiast and for those that want to try growing something different.

NOTE: Each will require different growing conditions, not all are fully hardy in Zones 3-4 especially the trumpet and oriental type species.

Fall 2017 Listing
S1021 L. auratum var. platyphyllum    (Japan)
(Gold Band lily) Large fragrant blossoms have a gold band on white petals with numerous red spots. 4'

Flower Orientation: Out-facing
Bloom Time: August
Quantity    $7.00each | 3/$18.75
S1007 L. pumilum  (China)
Produces many small waxy red turks-cap flowers on grassy leafed stems. 2'

Flower Orientation: Down-facing
Bloom Time: Early July
Quantity    $7.00each | 3/$18.75
S1030 L. regale   (China)
White trumpet flowers with a chocolate pink reverse, highly fragrant. 3-4'

Flower Orientation: Out to Down-facing
Bloom Time: Early August
Quantity    $7.00each | 3/$18.75
S1016 L. regale album    (China)
The white form of L. regale. Blooms almost pure white both inside and out with small yellow centers, anthers orange. A highly fragrant trumpet. 4'

Flower Orientation: Out to down-facing
Bloom Time: Early August
Quantity    $7.00each | 3/$18.75
S1044 L. speciosum Uchida   (M. Uchida)
A selection from speciosum var. rubrum which is a deeper crimson rose, recurved. 4'

Flower Orientation: Down-facing
Bloom Time: Early September
Quantity    SOLD OUT
S1008 L. tigrinum flore pleno   (China)
A very unique mutant of L. tigrinum with each bloom featuring up to 36 heavily spotted orange petals. 3'

Flower Orientation: Down-facing
Bloom Time: July
Quantity    $6.00 | 3/$15.75
S1009 L. tigrinum splendens  (China)
(Tiger lily) Down-facing, reflexed orange flowers with large brown spots throughout. Forms bulbils in its leaf axils. 4-5'

Flower Orientation: Down-facing
Bloom Time: July
Quantity    $5.00 | 3/$13.50


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