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= RHS registration

This means the lily name has been registered with the International Lily Registry at time of printing. This is useful information for those entering their lilies in shows.

- Tetraploids have amazing strength and heavier substance to the petals, as a result of double the chromosome count.

DIVISION VII    Oriental Lily Bulbs

Orientals are the queen of lilies in size and perfume. Oriental lilies can be grown on the prairies but take a little more effort of amending the soil and heavier winter protection.
NOTE: Planting in Zones 3-4 should be planted in the Spring and covered during early fall frosts to extend bulb maturity. Soil for orientals should have a ph level of 6 to 7. Due to the late maturing of Orientals because of the shorter growing season in our zone we can offer these for Fall only.

2020 Spring Listing


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