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Daylilies are shipped in Canada only!

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April 7th - May 19th

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Foliage Types:

Plants completely lose their foliage. Most are very hardy. New growth originates from the formation of new eyes from the crown.

Plants exhibit characteristics of both dormant and evergreen types.

Plants continue to grow in milder climates. Less hardy in colder climate zones. New growth originates from the center of the old foliage

Bloom Type:
plants bloom heavily during the summer and sporadically after.

Extended: flowers remain open for a minimum of 16 hours for extended viewing in evenings.

Tetra - Tetraploids have amazing strength and heavier substance to the petals, as a result of double the chromosome count.

Daylilies - Hemerocallis

These are adaptable to a wide range of growing conditions and easy to grow. Once established, daylilies are drought and heat tolerant. Canadian Orders Only!

Spring 2018 Listing coming Soon!

  Prices in Canadian Funds  


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