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= RHS registration

This means the lily name has been registered with the International Lily Registry at time of printing. This is useful information for those entering their lilies in shows.

- Tetraploids have amazing strength and heavier substance to the petals, as a result of double the chromosome count.

Collectors Corner

NOTE: Here you will find unique breeding material, rare hybrids and heritage material as they come available! .

 0902 - Easter Morn x Firey Belles hybrid    W.G. Ronald
This very unique interdivisional hybrid from the work of Dr Wilbert Ronald brigdes together three divisions, the trumpet, longiflorum and asiatics! Pendant, bowl shaped blooms are a bronze coloration with dark purple reverse. 3'  Limited
Quantity   $35.00 each
 82-3-1 - Northern Carillon sibling     W.G. Ronald/Lynn Collicutt
 This sibling to Northern Carillon is almost identical in apperance but has much better fertility for your hybridizing program. 4-5'
Quantity   $11.00 each
 82-3-4 - Northern Carillon Sibling     W.G. Ronald/Lynn Collicutt
This sibling is almost similar in apperance to Northern Sensation but has much better fertility for those of you who hybridize! 4-5'
Quantity      $11.00 each
AU1012 WHITE AMBER      (R. Griesbach)
Exclusive - Large down-facing blooms of pristine white with a golden amber ray illuminating along the centers of the petals, raised papillae on the inner half of the petals. Tetra 5-6'
Quantity         $13.00 each


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