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= RHS registration

This means the lily name has been registered with the International Lily Registry at time of printing. This is useful information for those entering their lilies in shows.

- Tetraploids have amazing strength and heavier substance to the petals, as a result of double the chromosome count.

Lily Collections

NOTE: We reserve the right to substitute if necessary in the collections

Spring 2019 Availablity Only!

CO1002 Splash Collection  -  Save $9.00
A collection of six up-facing asiatic lilies of different colors that are very hardy and multiply well, good starter collection that will truly be a splash of color in your garden.

Black Stone | Easy Spot | Easy Vanilla
Forever Summer | Levi | Red Highland

CO1011 Novelty Collection  -  Save $9.00
A collection of double and semi-double flowering lilies, ideal for cutting and arrangements. Individually labeled.

Canary Wharf | Eagle Eye | Fata Morgana
Mystery Dream | Apricot Fudge | Bentley

CO1003 Joy Pot or Border Collection-    Save $9.00
A collection consists of a group of six new short lilies from the Joy series.

Classic Joy | Festive Joy | Juliet's Joy
Panda Joy | Peppermint Joy | Secret Joy

CO1008 Oriental Collection  -  Save $9.00
A fragrant collection to excite and tantalize your sense of sight and smell!

Brazilla | Brooks | Curley Sue
Lovely Day | Rapid Romance | True Romance

CO1012 L.A. hybrid Collection  -  Save $9.00
This collection of longiflorum x asiatic crosses are ideal for garden growing and for cut flowers. Large flowers with slight perfume.

Astillo | Everton | Eyeliner
Montagne | Pink Brush | Nenana

CO1010 Leading Edge Collection  -  Save $9.00
Be on the cutting edge of lily breeding with this fine selection of interdivisional crosses featuring increased hardiness and beauty for northern climates.

Eldoret (OT) | Dalian (OT) | Hotel California (AOA)
Nightrider (TA) | Dancing Lady (LO) | Zeba (NO)
NOTE: We reserve the right if necessary to substitute  in the collections.

   Prices in Canadian Funds  

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