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 2014 Lily Bulb Listing

Lily Nook LogoDear Lily Enthusiasts and Gardening Friends:

Welcome to our 2014 lily bulb catalogue. This year marks our 20th anniversary! A special thank you to our many loyal customers who have supported us over the last 20 years. We put together our first mail order catalogue back in 1995 listing many heritage lilies that my father Barrie had collected over the years because of his love of lilies.

We dedicate our 20th anniversary catalogue to the many pioneer lily hybridizers, 'our lily friends' who have passed away in the last 20 years but whose legacies lives on in the many lilies you may grow in your gardens.

In the asiatic listing, for those who like cut flowers you will find many new exciting pollenless lilies, some you can find in our 'Cut Flower collection' pictured on page 3. Also check out the three new doubles in the asiatic pot or border section, as well the many other new listings throughout the catalogue. Listed in our martagon section you will find cultivars not previously listed as well as a new introduction from the hybridizing work of Dr. Ieaun Evans, a stunning pollenless white martagon named 'Megan Evans'.

In the past twenty years we have seen many changes in lilium breeding. Interdivisional barriers which seemed impossible to break have been combined giving us unique lilies for our gardens. 'Kushi Maya' listed on page 32 is a unique 'nepalense x oriental' hybrid. You will find three new 'oriental x asiatic' hybrids on page 31, 'Kaveri', 'Red Power' and 'Yellow Power' to add exotic blooms with improved hardiness for northern gardens. You also will find six new orienpet lilies in Division VIII.

In our first catalogue in 1995 we listed two of what we termed 'Orienpets', 'oriental x trumpet' crosses. One of the first orienpets marketed, 'Starburst Sensation' we featured on our front cover from the hybridizing efforts of Dr. Wilbert Ronald. Twenty years later we are excited to feature another new interdivisional hybrid on our cover from the continued breeding program of Dr. Wilbert Ronald, named 'Evening Glow'.

We invite you to visit us at the Lily Nook to stroll though our show gardens from July 1st to July 31st to view over 1500 named varieties in various stages of bloom. Over 150 varieties of potted lilies are available for sale at our Lily Gift Shoppe. We are located in beautiful farm land, 4 km south of Neepawa on highway #5.

Happy Gardening with Lilies!!
The Strohman’s


The LILY NOOK - Box 846 - Neepawa, MB - R0J 1H0 CANADA
Comments or Questions? mailto:info@lilynook.mb.ca

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