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« = RHS registration

This means the lily name has been registered with the International Lily Registry at time of printing. This is useful information for those entering their lilies in shows.

- Tetraploids have amazing strength and heavier substance to the petals, as a result of double the chromosome count.

Asiatic Lily Bulbs Varieties A-E

DIVISION I These are the Asiatics. They are derived from several of the lilies species found growing in Asia and make up the majority of the lilies. These are hardy to Canadian climate zone 2 and very easy to grow. They are offered in a wide range of spectacular colors!

2017 Fall Listing

A1963 APRICOT FUDGE   (Lily Company BV)
Delicious apricot blooms are made up of several delicate rose shaped petals which makes this a truely unique novelty lily. 3'

Flower Orientation: Up-facing
Bloom Time: July
Quantity    $7.00each | 3/$18.75
A1839 BELO HORIZONTE «    (Bischoff Tulleken)
Internet Only: Moderate lime yellow with light green center, numerous red spots with a red flush that shows in cooler weather. 3'

Flower Orientation: Up to Out-facing
Bloom Time: July
Quantity        $5.50each | 3/$15.00
A1962 BURNING PIXELS   (Lann Flora BV)
Pumpkin orange blooms with deep maroon spreckling throughout the inner 1/2 of the petals with varying intensity. 3'

Flower Orientation: Up-facing
Bloom Time: July
Quantity    $6.00each | 3/$15.75
A1964 CANARY WHARF   (DeJong Lilies BV)
A true bold red lily consisting of many wide petals, forming full double pollenless blooms. 3'

Flower Orientation: Up-facing
Bloom Time: July
Quantity    $6.50each | 3/$18.00
A1258 CHOCOLATE CANARY «      (Hartle-Gilman)
Internet Only:Deep chocolate buds open up to canary yellow pendant blooms with a reddish brown blush. 4'

Flower Orientation: Down-facing
Bloom Time: Late July
Quantity        $6.50each | 3/$18.00
A1965 CORSAGE «  (J. de Graaf)
HERITAGE: (1961) - Long pedicels display delicate pink blooms with a white center and yellowish ivory towards edges, deep maroon spots on basal half of each tepal; pollen absent. 3.5'

Flower Orientation: Out-facing
Bloom Time: July
Quantity    $6.00each | 3/$15.75
A1880 EASY DANCE «      (R. Griesbach)
Lemon yellow blooms with dark burgundy red covering over half the petals highlighted by a small spotted yellow center, pollenless. 3'
Flower Orientation: Up-facing
Bloom Time: July
Quantity     $5.50each | 3/$15.00
A1882 EASY WALTZ «      (R. Griesbach)
Internet Only:Large creamy white pollenless blooms with a flush of soft baby pink deepening towards tips encasing a deep raspberry core. 3'
Flower Orientation: Up-facing
Bloom Time: July
Quantity        $5.50each | 3/$15.00
Internet Only:Strong growing with clean deep red blooms both inside and out. 3'
Quantity     $6.00 each | 3/$15.75
A1725 EVINA «   (K. Braun)
Tangerine orange with tips of nasturtium orange, purple spots. Outside tinged purple. 2.5'

Flower Orientation: Out to down-facing
Bloom Time: July
Quantity    $7.50each | 3/$21.00

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